5 Ways to Teach Letters in the Preschool Writing Center

Learning the alphabet is such a step that is big preschoolers, as it is understanding how to write letters. It does not come easily or naturally to any or all children, which explains why I’m sharing five fun methods to teach letters at your preschool writing center.

I must be truthful here. I really believe that writing worksheets have a place in preschool, but typically not at the writing center. I’ll leave a set out of letter formation worksheets, however they are used infrequently, which is ok. There are plenty different ways to instruct writing to preschoolers without traditional tracing!

The thing is, a preschool writing center isn’t just for learning letter formation. It’s also about using writing to communicate.

The objective of a writing center is to:

  • Communicate ideas in writing via drawings and letters
  • Associate print with meaning
  • Develop motor that is fine utilizing the various materials
  • Practice left to progression that is right reading and writing
  • Develop eye-hand coordination
  • Figure out how to form letters

The thing is lots of the learning that happens at a writing center is about emergent reading because reading and writing are incredibly interlaced.

5 Ways to Teach Letters at the Writing Center

Since reading and writing are so intertwined, it is only natural to include a little little bit of both in your writing center as well as your literacy center.

Include a lot of letter tracing options

Many preschoolers are not attracted to letters that are tracing. (I love to use my fine motor journals to encourage the pincer grasp) unless they already have a mature pencil grasp, but until then. But, preschoolers can be enticed with a few fun tracing tools!

They are three of your favorites that are less-traditional

Include lots of alphabet toys that encourage fine motor skills

At the writing center, not everything needs to be about holding a writing utensil. In fact, your preschooler will resist tracing until they will have fairly developed motor that is fine. (They will certainly still be thinking about scribbling and drawing, during this period, just not so interest that is much tracing).

To combat an immature pencil grasp, make sure to include plenty of letter activities which will develop fine motor skills.

Below are a few of our go-to activities:

Include lots of name writing options

Preschoolers are enthusiastic about their names that are own and additionally they enjoy writing their names more than simply letters. So, be sure to offer lots of ways for them to spell and write their names.

Listed here are my ideas that are favorite

Include materials for story writing

Preschoolers love telling stories, but sometimes it’s problematic for them to create stories. Setting up your preschool center that is writing that they have a lot of inspiration is useful. Add thematic pictures into the center that is writing as well as word cards, and lot of fun and new writing materials. (These Early Learning Language Learning Cards are a life saver!)

Sometimes I’ll offer only thematic colors of markers and crayons within the center that is writing blue, purple, and gray for winter. I like to offer stickers and small components of paper for tearing and help with writing a paper gluing. And my preschoolers come on books to write their stories in. Target usually has packs of eight booklets for $3 around back-to-school time, but if you’re not near a Target store you can look at these Blank Booklets for Writing and Sketching .

Include a lot of letter formation activities

Not activities that are just tracing. But activities where children get to practice letter forms. Where they get to shape the letters (while taking care of fine motor skills, of course), and mold them.

Learning letters comes naturally as children strive to form letters. That’s why we include sand trays and hole punching. Preschoolers can practice writing letters in the air, or have your child try writing with her feet. Use play dough to produce letters. It’s all about forming letters.

Need Some Printables for Your Preschool Writing Center?

Add these to your preschool writing center. They are not your traditional tracing sheets, but instead most of the letter formation fun with no worksheet.

I will be Sarah, an educator turned stay-at-home mama of five! I will be the master and creator of Stay At Home Educator, a web site about intentional teaching and purposeful learning in the first childhood years. I’ve taught range of levels, including preschool and college, and a small amount of just about everything in the middle. At this time, my focus is teaching my children and running a preschool from my home. Credentials include: Bachelors in Art, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

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