Quality, Not Amount. As most of you know, more goes into applying to colleges and universities than just publishing your grades and test scores.

The qualitative components of an application carry a complete large amount of weight in our admission decisions. One such component is the letter of suggestion from a teacher, guidance counselor, or university consultant.

A great letter of recommendation provides insight into the individual and academic character of a student. Now, we understand that pupils don’t genuinely have much control over what instructors and counselors say they ask to write them a letter of recommendation about them, but what students do have control over is who. It actually doesn’t matter how ‘important’ your recommender is— my advice is to pick a teacher which you have known for a while, someone who is able to touch upon your academic performance and in addition, can talk about exactly what you can be doing outside of the class.

We only require that students provide one letter of recommendation. However, if you want to submit several letter of recommendation, they should come from different areas of yourself. For instance, as a science student if you are applying to Biology and you have your biology teacher write you a letter of recommendation, don’t have your second letter come from another science teacher, as they may only write about you. Instead, it would be more advantageous to have the 2nd letter originate from an English teacher whom might be able to touch upon your analytical abilities, imagination, and writing ability. a third letter of recommendation might come from a program advisor, whom might comment on your participation and leadership qualities in just a organization that is certain. With all that said keep in mind that one solid letter of recommendation is preferred and certainly will go a really long method! It is truly the case of quality over amount with guidelines.

Always remember—our admission staff wants to gain the most picture that is complete of who you are as being a student, along with an individual.

Discover USC without stepping foot on campus

Discover USC Reception

Over the next couple months, our admission staff is going to be spread out across the country and the planet. Why, you might ask? We’re doing it to come meet you, your families, and anybody who is interested in learning more about USC. It is true- we bring a bit that is little of (and quite a few USC representatives) directly to many cities.

During the months of October and November, we are Discover that is holding USC in 26 different cities for seniors in high college and their loved ones. These receptions are an amazing possibility to discover more about USC, the admission procedure, and school funding. In addition, different educational departments will attend many of the receptions to discuss their programs that are specific. The territory manager often attends the receptions in the certain area they recruit in and you may have the opportunity to ask USC alumni about their experience as an undergraduate, aswell. If you attend a reception in your area, come ready with questions regarding admission, USC, or the precise academic divisions. We recognize that it’s maybe not always easy to visit campus, which is why we want to make an effort to arrive at you and your hometown!

If you have not already, definitely take a look at various Off-Campus Reception locations and dates to be able to reserve your spot online. We sooo want to meet you and as always, respond to any relevant questions you may have. Whether you have already visited campus or not, it is a great possibility to learn more about campus, meet alumni of the school, and hear some different perspectives of why we think it’s great to be a Trojan!

Things to do at USC


Pupils will always interested in what there is to do on campus. Of program, there are groups and organizations, athletics, Greek life, movie tests, guest lectures, community service programs, and several other things. Two USC signature programs me and Why that I always highlight to prospective students are Visions and Voices and What Matters to. These programs are unique to USC and are both manifestations of the values of the University us all as they seek to expand students’ perspectives through highlighting the diversity of experience that surrounds.

Visions and Voices was made in 2006 by USC President C.L. Max Nikias when he was the University’s provost. The program was made to reflect the rich cultural opportunities of the town of Los Angeles, and beyond. Visions and Voices is definitely an arts and humanities system, and its events are made to attract students from all disciplines during the University. Highlights associated with the series this year add a visit towards the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, a culinary tour of Thai Town, the three-day Comedy@SCA Festival, an evening with Romeo Dallaire the Canadian senator and humanitarian credited with saving 32,000 everyday lives in Rwanda, and a performance by San Francisco’s LINES Ballet. And I can’t leave out one of the most interdisciplinary occasions, ‘Wonderland and the Mathematical Imaginary,’ a totally fresh look at Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, lead by a science writer, a math teacher, as well as an professor that is english.

What truly matters to Me and just Why is a presenter show sponsored by the Office of Religious lifestyle. Today the program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn a bit more about the values, beliefs, and motivations of those who shape the University. This year students have experienced the chance to know from; Reverend Cecil Murray, one of the more influential ministers in Los Angeles who is also on our faculty, and Professor Paul Frommer, the creator for the Na’vi language you could have heard in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’ I’d the chance to attend the talk by Elizabeth Garrett the provost that is current of. Provost Garrett has received an epic career (and which will https://studybays.me/superiorpapers-com-review”> be an understatement). Something that she believed in the idea of being open to new and unexpected opportunities that I took away from her presentation was. She credits the majority of her job to taking advice from some of her instructors and professors in looking outside of her immediate world (that has been Oklahoma during the time) and to just take on interesting opportunities as they expose themselves, rather than trying to stick to a set course. I adored that! This is certainly one of my personal favorite activities to attend at USC, and it is not just because there is a free of charge lunch involved, it’s because it is such a human being and public experience.

For both of those scheduled programs my explanations above are simply the tip regarding the iceberg. I absolutely encourage you to check their websites out to learn about each of the great events they have coming up!